They want your data, GTFO

SKS: Hello (name), Thanks for being a great fan, and also thanks for your likes and comments under my profile, I have being seeing your page and I can see you’re a true fan, Thank you stay [ sic ] bless you, keep positive and stay safe in this corona virus period


4:32 PM You accepted the request

DC: Hello robot person on Twitter. Cheers”robot” person 🙂 11:07 AM

SKS: What do you mean? i am talking to you with my second profile because the first profile is full and i don’t really get my fans comment and post. this is just like back up and is helping a lot i have no reason to hurt or lie to anyone, i have a name and personality to protect. I’m the real Sarah Kate Silverman 11:19 AM

DC: Cool, last time your name was (some singer person) I forget her name, she was married to the cyclist Lance Armstrong

DC: oh Crow

11:21 AM

SKS: I’m not a single  [ sic ] am a comedian lol 11:21 AM

DC: Before that “you” were Willie Nelson…11:21 AM

SKS: how long have you been watching my comedy?

ok11:22 AM

DC: since Myspace have you progressed from the “fart” jokes? lol

11:23 AM

SKS: wow you sounds [ sic ] like a big fan, thank you so much for watching my comedy and supporting my career

Its always a pleasure having time with my fans….where are you from? 11:26 AM

DC: (name redacted)’s vagina…crazy (name redacted)’s vagina

11:35 AM

DC: Who was your best friend on Myspace?

Who are you voting for when they screw over Bernie again?

11:37 AM

SKS: I’m from Bedford, New Hampshire but lives  [ sic ] in CA. (I) would love to have you a free ticket whenever am in your homezone, and if am much free we can hangout for dinner before my show, its always a huge pleasure having time with my fans before my events…Bernie Sanders what about you? 11:41 AM

DC: You know, I “hanged out” with Willie’s sons in NY. I’m voting for myself this time.

11:48 AM

oh ok lol

11:48 AM

DC: I’m in an undisclosed location sweetie 11:48 AM

SKS: Are you married and what are you doing for a living? 11:48 AM

DC: Eliminating obstacles, building a more perfect union…various stuff

11:49 AM

You can no longer send messages to this person.

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