Boycott Mitsubishi Estate

Mitsubishi Estate owns the property in New York where Fox News is headquartered.
Fox News has been criticized for maintaining a propaganda apparatus in support of the Republican party messaging.

They are doing harm to the American public by producing content that is putting all of us at greater risk to the Covid-19 pandemic. They routinely feature individuals who mock the proven protective measures of mask wearing and social distancing.
Today, as I write this, the US just experienced the worst day of Covid-19 outbreaks of the entire pandemic. I believe this situation has been made worse by the Trump administration and its enablers such as Fox News.

Knowingly allowing space to Fox News discredits Mitsubishi.

I ask all Americans to consider boycotting Mitsubishi Estate and refuse service and space to Fox News.

A show of solidarity with the people against a known propaganda outlet might help get better information to us all.

Best regards.

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