David Curtis: Who enables Fox News?

So I have to admit that I don’t actually watch Fox New. (I don’t watch MSNBC either)

But I see it, excerpts from it, in the Twitter feed. So I got a little bit curious, what is maintaining that thing and, it looks like Disney made some deal to purchase Fox, but it apparently didn’t include the news outlet so, the quote unquote news outlet continues.

And it’s in a physical place, they are headquartered in New York, in the Rockefeller Center, which appears to be managed by a global real estate firm, a pretentious Canadian firm Ivanhoe (Cambridge). So I reached out to them in an email and said: Hey maybe it’s not the best idea to be working with Fox News given they are a propagandist for the Republican party masquerading as a news outlet…so they kind of snootily responded that they are a “global real estate entity and they don’t engage in political debate.”

So I figured oh: Who owns that place? And it appears, three, that there are entities, and one, you know, Rockefeller Center is owned, it’s global (hideous things), and one of them is Mitsubishi Estate, so and I looked at their balance sheet and they have a shit load of money, so anyway, so there is no obvious way to communicate with whatever that is, Mitsubishi Estate. There is a person that is positioned at the top of that structure, uh, what he exactly does is not immediately evident.

It would be interesting to engage with those entities and make the argument that historically its not going to work out so well if they continue to enable propaganda that benefits the, I guess, it is corporate fascism? I don’t know. It’s basically corporate fascism, corporate fascist people who think that if they go to this “magical place” they will be rewarded in the after life. Um, so there we go.

(end transcript)

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