Vote your Conscience

David Curtis speaking from Lucas Valley, CA

David Curtis, former Green party (GRN) candidate for both Secretary of State, CA 2014, and Governor of Nevada 2010, discusses the mainstream media blind spot for Green party presidential candidates in general, and now Howie Hawkins, the presumed GRN nominee in the 2020 election season.

Most of the media focus has been on voter reactions to Trump’s constant, divisive rhetoric, and the lack of excitement for Biden in the wake of Sanders dropping out of the race.

Third party candidates are almost never reported on in any depth by American media, When they are mentioned, it is often as a hit piece that is funded by either DEM operatives or GOP operatives, (or their advertisers) wishing to injure third parties or divert voters from the duopoly party.

Recorded today in his Lucas Valley, CA studio.

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