1. It isn’t a landslide.

2. The electoral college, as you perhaps know, creates the appearance of a “landslide”.

3. Sheldon Adelson’s stooge in the WH was such a colossal f-up that he had to go.

4. So MIC and the usual dweebs joined hands to make it happen.

5. “Old black MIC guys” just want to keep the “retirement checks” flowing.

6. Voters are so manipulated that they literally cannot see the Green party if it is hitting them in the face.

7. Political parties in general are so compromised and lacking in functionality that the largest growing blocks are: no party preference, and non voters.

8. The government literally does the opposite of what any sane person wants.

9. It mostly exists as a vehicle for corruption at this point.

10. The last four years was Sheldon Adelson doing donuts on your lawn.

11. He (Adelson) put $100M in and got $400M out. Who WOULDN’T do that if they could?

© David Curtis 2020

Published by Pi-Des

ideas + verbs = magic

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