1 29 2022

1 29 2022 (edits 2 8 2022)
Joe (famous architect),
Thank you for engaging me in this two week trial period with (firm name redacted).
Here are my observations after this experience.

  1. I have approaching zero interest in the dynamic of the (app name redacted) prospecting.
  2. In negotiations, (your) appearing somewhat desperate to potential, and some current clients, is not helpful.
  3. My availability, although somewhat flexible is not 24 hrs, 7 days.
  4. I would suggest perhaps a regional approach, with me handling West half of US potentials and you handling East half.
  5. I have no interest in torturing and then firing a series of remote staff.
  6. I do however respect you and would like to continue to work together if possible.
  7. I hope this is helpful information. I don’t mean it in any derogatory way.
    David Curtis

“Here, (client name redacted)—you pay this asshole*. In architecture, we have a rule called “pay when paid”.

I’m a licensed architect, he’s an interior designer. A bad one.

Pay out SDs to him, not me.” – Joe (famous architect, firm name redacted)

* Editor’s note: He means me.
By the way, I am not an interior designer, I’m a residential designer…

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