Telephonic Harassment

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Chad Miller, AIA, NCARB, Colorado, telephonic-ally harassed (user accounts with various names) from approximately 6/18/2022-6/20/2022 on the forum of the social networking site Archinect.

Mr. Miller falsely accused an anonymous user account, aka: X, of being someone named “Alexander Watanabe”, in multiple posts, over several hours. Mr. Miller repeatedly made belligerent, demeaning comments on anything X wrote on the site.

Mr. Miller then falsely accused X of making a “homophobic joke”. Mr. Miller had offered that he was a “girl next door sort” to which X replied that the girls next door to X, one just had hip surgery, and the other was recently divorced.

Mr. Miller then proceeded down some rabbit hole.

Mr. Miller and/or others, including an anonymous user account allegedly belonging to Richard Balkins, Astoria, OR, attempted to doxx another user. Mr. Balkins has been de-platformed previously from Archinect, but then returns under various other user names. Some of the users have multiple accounts with different user names.

Mr. Miller repeatedly demanded X reveal the identity of the person controlling the user account.

(Control of a user account is not a fixed position. Sometimes accounts can, in theory, be hacked, or have unauthorized users. Content can be manipulated or removed by moderators.)

Archinect allows users to be anonymous, the vast majority of the forum users are anonymous.

Archinect has a history of enabling telephonic harassment, and of de-platforming users. Some users engage in gaslighting sorts of posts that they obviously do not want traced to their real names.

X then shared (an) identity, a link to a website, implying the site was related to X, perhaps hoping it would get Mr. Miller to change his behavior, but Mr. Miller continued the telephonic harassment of X and others.

Watching this from a screen (the author sometimes reads the forum posts, even though said author is not a registered user there) the author decided to do a keyword search for “Chad Miller, AIA”.

Author learned the name of his alleged employer, the Blythe Group, an architecture firm in Grand Junction, CO, to let them know that one of their employees is engaging in telephonic harassment, and defamation.

Author suggested to the Blythe Group via their website form that if author was a potential client, author would not hire them based on the posts being made by their employee, Mr. Miller.

(Author frequently collaborates with architects and engineers on design work)

The next day Peter T. Icenogle phoned author.

Author spoke with Peter T. Icenogle, AIA, director of Architecture. Mr. Icenogle seemed unaware of Archinect, or that Mr. Miller was posting there.

Author suggested to Mr. Icenogle that Mr. Miller’s posts could negatively impact the firm, given they would likely show up high in internet search results of his name.

X had commented on Archinect to Mr. Miller: “You know your posts here reflect back on your firm, you know this, right?”

Archinect’s response to this was to de-platform (a user account Mr. Miller was harassing) and delete several related posts.

In doing so, Archinect is protecting the abuser, Mr. Miller, and giving him a platform.

The de-platforming of X seems to be discriminatory and/or retaliatory in nature. Archinect de-platformed X and deleted the posts. Archinect has done this numerous times, to numerous people, over a several year span.

Author called the police department in Grand Junction, CO, where the Blythe Group is based, to ask about filing a police report of Mr. Miller’s online harassment. The dispatcher suggested author file the report in Portland, OR, where author lives.

Author filed the report with the Portland police today.

Author, Portland, OR

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