Kim Gordon at Mississippi Studios

Kim Gordon’s microphone doesn’t seem to be working.

She taps it with her finger.

(Someone) comes out to check the cables.

This goes on for some time.

But it is ok.

It is enough really, for her to even be standing here, getting the tech figured out.

(The warm up act, Brainwashers, was great too. They made a bunch of electronic noise that was throbbing and mutating. Someone called him “Steve”. So I guess it was Steve and the person with Steve.)

Video of cities, shot from various traveling vehicles is projecting on a large screen behind the band.

There is a gap, on stage, between the monitors,

it allows Kim Gordon to stand directly in front of us.

We have the only chairs.

She is leaning forward and basically singing directly down into our skulls.

I do not want this to stop.

I can’t really understand what words she is singing.

But this is, ok,

and I can look directly into her eyes as she is doing this,

and her pants are sparkly,

and her white t-shirt is a little unflattering.

But all of this, is ok,

and her band mates are appropriately cool and competent.

I cannot even reach for my smartphone.

It doesn’t seem appropriate, when one is two feet from Kim Gordon.

So a really great show, it can’t be better.

(Towards the end) She rubs the guitar strings on the leading edge of the stage,

and hands the still sounding guitar to a glazed-over person to my right, who eventually passes the guitar to my wife, who then hands it to me.

Kim Gordon’s guitar hovers on my outstretched hands.

I tap my right knuckles a little on the strings to see if I can hear it.

I pass the guitar, Kim Gordon’s guitar, to the person next to me, and I think of Jesus for some reason.

That person hands the guitar back to Kim Gordon, but it is a bit of a stretch, so I get to put my hands under it again as Kim reaches out to take it back.

Kim Gordon goes back stage.

(I don’t think I have ever been so close to a singer before on stage, except for maybe Missy from Breech, but that is different because I have sung Karaoke with Missy, and danced with Missy.

I did get to fill up Eliza Rickman’s water bottle/sound maker, one time before she performed in Las Vegas. We stood at the water cooler together, watching the small plastic animal shaped toy fill up slowly.)

We stand around waiting to use the toilet.

I walk over to buy the album No Home Record.

David Curtis 9 12 2022, edits 10 30 2022

Kim Gordon photo by Natalia Mantini

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