Update: Primitive Hut

A proposal has been issued by David Curtis, Pi-Des for a full-scale Primitive Hut for a site in St. Paul, Oregon. Other potential sites include the Los Angeles, California area, Desert Center, California, and Portland, OR area.

The Primitive Hut system currently pencils out at about 1/3 the cost of traditional wood frame construction.

Pi-Des estimates there will be three to four initial prototypes this quarter or 2023 Q1. Pi-Des is ramping up the production model in anticipation of generating several units.

Primitive Hut is a de-mountable shelter system that accommodates 6-8 people. It has integrated rain water capture and filtration. It has modular toilet components. It has a perimeter water sprinkler system for fire supression. It has a central heating/cooling element.

The entire enclosure is perforated, like a rainscreen system. The upper level has a privacy/thermal curtain. Suspension sacks may be used as lounging, sleeping furniture or they may be used to store gear. The floors are similar to trapeze nets. The entirely perforated system allows for constant fresh air access.

This system is more like “stacked” camping than traditional housing.

It is a new type of housing.

The roof-top has a triangular walk that can function as an emergency evacuation area during flooding.

With sufficient notice, the system may be de-mounted and transported out of the path of wildfires.

The system, when de-mounted, fits in a standard pickup truck bed.

Pi-Des intends the system be airdropped into disaster zones to provide triage nodes in areas most affected.

David Curtis 31 October 2022

Note: Artist rendering, prototype is subject to change in its assembled form. Colors/materials/geometries are conceptual only, they do not represent the final materials. Artist reserves the right to adjust the prototype as needed.

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