A dude is having a mental break down outside near the location. He is screaming into the storefront window. The clerk at the gas station/convenience store seems upset she has to tell people Uhaul is “NEXT DOOR”, she shouts. A dude at the counter says the yelling guy is often there. He says the guy takes some kind of drugs and then yells at the air. Another guy comes in offering the UHaul worker half of his sandwich. He declines it and tells the guy (name) is yelling again. He suggests I walk around the opposite side of the building (from the yelling guy) to get the van.

Later I go in to return the van keys and no one is there. The lady from the convenience store comes in and shouts: “RETURNING? ARE YOU JUST RETURNING?” at me. She says she will give them the keys. This does not fill me with confidence. The van is good, it even has a backup camera, but the location, and experience of getting the van is sketchy as hell. Nearly all retail transactions (in Portland) are like this now.

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