David Curtis at Limantour Beach, CA

“…everything I’ve seen of yours resists spatial metaphor–a feat for an architect”

Claudia Keelan

2018-2022: Speculative work on Primitive Hut and Triage Field.

2022: Replicant concept in anticipation of data archive transplants.

2022: Forensic Work on Tesla Model 3 (redacted).

2022: Robot 1. (confidential)

2022: Replicant X. (confidential)

2022: David Curtis invokes VARA protection on Desert Concrete, Lucas Valley, CA.

2021: Design Director, (redacted), NYC.

2021: Associate, Wilson Architects PLLC.

NCI-Des (Now Pi-Des), is conceived as a regional extension to SCI-Arc, it aspires towards establishing a comparable institute for the Western Region compressed into the smallest, least pretentious spaces.

2021: Moves studio to Portland, OR.

2017-2021: Practices as dc_us, a studio based in Marin, CA.

Candidate for California Secretary of State in 2014.

2012: Fukushima Mediation, a work sequence diagram for the Prime Minister of Japan.

Candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2010.

Shortlisted artist, City of Las Vegas public art program. Proposes two projects for the new City Hall building site: Transition and Invasive Species.

2008: Pursues the Flight 93 memorial competition with Desert Space Foundation.

Initiates Apparatus in 2007.

Curates the sound installation: Dark Gallery at the CAC.

2003-2004, Design director for the design architect Paul Steelman Design Group on the Nevada State Museum at the Springs Preserve during the programming, schematic design, and design development phases. David leads a 12 month programming phase with MGA and Portico Group, and also conducts a review of the project during the CD phase facilitated by Greta Brunschwyler, museum director.

2000-2003 Senior professional and Associate of the Hugh Stubbins Associates. X works on the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Nevada. David oversees the completion of the permitting documents for the architect of record, assisting OMA/Rem Koolhaas team members and Frank O. Gehry Associates team members. David participates in construction administration on both the museum and the Art of the Motorcycle exhibit.

1998-2002 Serves on the board of directors of the Contemporary Arts Collective, an artist run gallery. David is elected Vice President, then elevates to President.

David S Curtis Studio in the Arts Factory, Las Vegas in 1998.

BSArch, Knowlton School of Architecture, 1988.

38+ years experience in architecture, art, design, & education

Licensed Residential Designer, Nevada since 2007, Certificate No. 247-P (Now 247-RD)

NCARB record 844834

CAB Candidate ID: 21661

mobile: 971 331 9699

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