David Curtis, private art collection, partial list.

  1. Honeycomb Beef Tripe, oil on panel by Victoria Reynolds, purchased in 1998 at the CAC gallery.
  2. Ground Pods, oil on canvas by Jerry A.Neuman, purchased at Fredericksburg Art Gallery, TX.
  3. Rockledge Residence floor plans sketch by Thom Mayne, pencil on tracing paper, purchased at AIA LV auction.
  4. Study for Cross Section by Sherin Giurgus, purchased in 1999 at an auction to benefit NICA.
  5. Happy Tree, color mural photograph by Andy (Denise) Wallace.
  6. Untitled, hand holding wings, B&W Mural photograph by Andy Wallace.
  7. Untitled, forest landscape, oil on canvas, Dutch, gift from George & Betty Curtis.
  8. Untitled wood & vinyl sculpture by Eric Gecas, purchased in 2000 at CAC gallery.
  9. Doll with metallic background, color photograph on plexiglass by Andy (Denise) Wallace.
  10. Dolly Game Pieces, Resin castings, by Cheryl Meeker, purchased in 2002, CAC gallery.
  11. Mural by Eric Smith, exterior latex paint on plywood, was made into a diptych when moved from Nevada to California in 2011.
  12. Untitled, embroidered pillow by Jeanne Voltura.
  13. Glass vase by Eric Dandurand.
  14. Cemetery, Polaroid collage by Tom Holder.
  15. Porcelain Rattle by Magda Szeitz, damaged, quarter sized hole in body.
  16. Venetian, digital collage print by Anthony Bondi, five total
  17. Portrait of David Curtis, manipulated Polaroid by Orit Borowsky.
  18. (2) Color photographs by Rhonda Turnbough.
  19. Portrait of Crystal Jarrot by Jenna Bodnar, digital print on metallic paper.
  20. Portland on Fire, digital file by Gonzo.
  21. Flower, Black & White mural photo by Andy (Denise) Wallace.
  22. Dogwood Tree Painting on Wardrobe by David Curtis.
  23. Desert Concrete by David Curtis.
  24. LOVE pillow #1 by Sasha Grey.
  25. Boa Constrictor House #1 by David Curtis, 2022. A private commissioned piece.
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