Dark Gallery at CAC

David Curtis curated a sound installation during the 2005 season. Collaborators contributed sound pieces that were played in the space as they recycled. The duration of each piece was unique so they were overlapping in constant random manners. Sometimes the gallery sitter would forget to turn on/restart some or all of the devices, or perhapsContinue reading “Dark Gallery at CAC”

Sasha Grey, Neu Sex signing

Sasha Grey, Neu Sex book signing at Martha Otero 5 May 2011It’s difficult to imagine a more appropriate or intimate setting for this signing:Correct neighborhood, residential scale, eye level hedges, serious door man…Inside three smallish white rooms, share a continuous gabled ceiling, a small crooked line of interested humans, wait for autographed copies from theContinue reading “Sasha Grey, Neu Sex signing”

Guggenheim Forensic

I visited the corpse of the Rem Koolhaas designed Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas over the (native american genocide) weekend. When this project was originally designed and constructed, I was a senior professional for the executive architect TSA of Nevada (the Stubbins Associates). The internal truss (fully clad, both sides in 1/2″ corten) wasContinue reading “Guggenheim Forensic”