Update: Primitive Hut

A proposal has been issued by David Curtis, Pi-Des for a full-scale Primitive Hut for a site in St. Paul, Oregon. Other potential sites include the Los Angeles, California area, Desert Center, California, and Portland, OR area. The Primitive Hut system currently pencils out at about 1/3 the cost of traditional wood frame construction. Pi-DesContinue reading “Update: Primitive Hut”

Kim Gordon at Mississippi Studios

Kim Gordon’s microphone doesn’t seem to be working. She taps it with her finger. (Someone) comes out to check the cables. This goes on for some time. But it is ok. It is enough really, for her to even be standing here, getting the tech figured out. (The warm up act, Brainwashers, was great too.Continue reading “Kim Gordon at Mississippi Studios”

Telephonic Harassment

Chad Miller, AIA, NCARB, Colorado, telephonic-ally harassed (user accounts with various names) from approximately 6/18/2022-6/20/2022 on the forum of the social networking site Archinect. Mr. Miller falsely accused an anonymous user account, aka: X, of being someone named “Alexander Watanabe”, in multiple posts, over several hours. Mr. Miller repeatedly made belligerent, demeaning comments on anythingContinue reading “Telephonic Harassment”