(Redacted) calls (redacted) roadside support

A satirical, partially redacted transcript for Hunter S. Thompson TRS: Your roadside request has been received. (portion redacted) (Redacted): Fu(nky) you turn on my car or I will sue you into the (redacted) ground (redacted). (Redacted): (Expletive) you TRS: We are not able to remotely turn on your vehicle. (Redacted): (expletive) you (a series ofContinue reading “(Redacted) calls (redacted) roadside support”

1 29 2022

1 29 2022 (edits 2 8 2022)Joe (famous architect),Thank you for engaging me in this two week trial period with (firm name redacted).Here are my observations after this experience. I have approaching zero interest in the dynamic of the (app name redacted) prospecting. In negotiations, (your) appearing somewhat desperate to potential, and some current clients,Continue reading “1 29 2022”