Triage Field 2.0

X has migrated the data from the tests recently conducted at Desert 1-3. This has led to a new version that hopes to be translatable and scalable. Current design includes an accessible wand controller. An advantage to this new design is Triage Field may be docked at Primitive Hut or may roam to recover aContinue reading “Triage Field 2.0”

(Redacted) calls (redacted) roadside support

A satirical, partially redacted transcript for Hunter S. Thompson TRS: Your roadside request has been received. (portion redacted) (Redacted): Fu(nky) you turn on my car or I will sue you into the (redacted) ground (redacted). (Redacted): (Expletive) you TRS: We are not able to remotely turn on your vehicle. (Redacted): (expletive) you (a series ofContinue reading “(Redacted) calls (redacted) roadside support”