Telephonic Harassment

Chad Miller, AIA, NCARB, Colorado, telephonic-ally harassed (user accounts with various names) from approximately 6/18/2022-6/20/2022 on the forum of the social networking site Archinect. Mr. Miller falsely accused an anonymous user account, aka: X, of being someone named “Alexander Watanabe”, in multiple posts, over several hours. Mr. Miller repeatedly made belligerent, demeaning comments on anythingContinue reading “Telephonic Harassment”

Update: David Curtis notifies the app owners.

David Curtis notified Twitter today that he plans to pursue federal charges against the company. He cited consumer fraud as the likely charge. Twitter discriminates against multiple individuals, negatively impacting their online presence. Twitter intentionally coerces and manipulates content by forcing people to remove and or alter content in order to enjoy service on theirContinue reading “Update: David Curtis notifies the app owners.”

Direct action -> Twitter

X requests people on Twitter take direct action against the owners of Twitter due to the repeated de-platforming of people on the app. Twitter is guilty of discriminatory targeting of anti-war activists, atheists, communists, political conservatives, and leftists. Twitter’s moderation activities discriminate against several groups and attempt to manipulate and limit speech on the app.Continue reading “Direct action -> Twitter”

Twitter 1, 2, 3…

Update 5/28/2022: Twitter has restored access to @dc_us -X 5/26/2022 Update: Twitter is accusing the @dc_us account of promoting violence. David Curtis told Twitter his attorney will be reaching out to Twitter. Social media apps, where “moderation” is becoming intolerable. It parasitically manipulates “users”, then the “users” burn the houses. Twitter lost 3 VPs thisContinue reading “Twitter 1, 2, 3…”