Update: Primitive Hut

A proposal has been issued by David Curtis, Pi-Des for a full-scale Primitive Hut for a site in St. Paul, Oregon. Other potential sites include the Los Angeles, California area, Desert Center, California, and Portland, OR area. (redacted) Primitive Hut is a de-mountable shelter system that accommodates 6-8 people. It has integrated rain water captureContinue reading “Update: Primitive Hut”

Summer Design Studio 2022

David Curtis, principal at Pi-Des, leads a studio this Summer from Portland, OR. An anticipated focus will be de-mountables. David shares lessons learned from his 4 year development of Primitive Hut. There will be offshoots that focus on global just-in-time delivery system collapse responses, and 10-20 year pattern based projections that hope to best influenceContinue reading “Summer Design Studio 2022”

Triage Field 2.0

X has migrated the data from the tests recently conducted at Desert 1-3. This has led to a new version that hopes to be translatable and scalable. Current design includes an accessible wand controller. An advantage to this new design is Triage Field may be docked at Primitive Hut or may roam to recover aContinue reading “Triage Field 2.0”