Rem Koolhaas, but he was Latino

Rem Koolhaas, but he was Latino, sat next to me on the jury. (Discussing the project) He had a robotic torso. (It) looked like a bicycle frame. I could see electrical wires that replaced his spinal cord. I couldn’t help asking him about it. (He said): The doctors told me it was possible…but you don’tContinue reading “Rem Koolhaas, but he was Latino”

Guggenheim Motorcycle Club

Lauren Hutton eats ice cream, alone, at a small stone top table. I’m sitting on the carpet with Christian Bandi near Sheldon Adelson’s office helping glue back together the OMA design model that was heavily damaged in transit. A Guggenheim staffer asks if any of us “have motorcycle licenses?” DC: “I do.” Staffer: “Wanna goContinue reading “Guggenheim Motorcycle Club”

Guggenheim Forensic

I visited the corpse of the Rem Koolhaas designed Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas over the (native american genocide) weekend. When this project was originally designed and constructed, I was a senior professional for the executive architect TSA of Nevada (the Stubbins Associates). The internal truss (fully clad, both sides in 1/2″ corten) wasContinue reading “Guggenheim Forensic”