1. It isn’t a landslide. 2. The electoral college, as you perhaps know, creates the appearance of a “landslide”. 3. Sheldon Adelson’s stooge in the WH was such a colossal f-up that he had to go. 4. So MIC and the usual dweebs joined hands to make it happen. 5. “Old black MIC guys” justContinue reading ““Landslide””

All Hail King Punk Ass Orange Pu$$y (updated 5/28/2020)

Because basically Israel and Jesus “allow us” to “choose” from two a$$ clowns so “we” will keep “paying” for drug deals, and blowing up poor people of color….short answer. And Uncle Shelly got a $400,000,000 tax break. Competing for control of the two candidates, along with foreign governments, and the mafia, is the omnipresent techContinue reading “All Hail King Punk Ass Orange Pu$$y (updated 5/28/2020)”