1 29 2022

1 29 2022 (edits 2 8 2022)Joe (famous architect),Thank you for engaging me in this two week trial period with (firm name redacted).Here are my observations after this experience. I have approaching zero interest in the dynamic of the (app name redacted) prospecting. In negotiations, (your) appearing somewhat desperate to potential, and some current clients,Continue reading “1 29 2022”

Cliffs Happen

We get quarterly reports from this investment advisor. I notice the cliffs happen to coincide with significant life events. Immediately after some of the most important events in my life, big cliffs happen. The cliffs happen on average at 12 year intervals. One indication a cliff is imminent: In architecture we start seeing projects beingContinue reading “Cliffs Happen”

I don’t like Mondays

The global daily Covid-19 death rate is basically flat, global new cases rate is still increasing. States must not reopen. Any state reopening is an enemy of the people. We have lost 345K humans and we are not yet halfway through this. This is the Monday where we say thanks for all the dead peopleContinue reading “I don’t like Mondays”