Line Weight Settings in AutoCAD

Today I thought: Hey, why don’t I just set up new layers based on the Koh-I-Noor Rapidograph pens. Guess what? ****ing Autocad only seems to understand like 4 or 6 pen weight settings to enter… I pay $200 per month for the bull****. Autocad can’t pay one junior person for one ****ing hour to setContinue reading “Line Weight Settings in AutoCAD”

Penalty flags + ctrl freaks + ‘bot filter settings. Update 5/6/2020

A dominant paradigm of “Judeo-Christian” norm supplanted on “natives”. A list poem describing DC’s attempts to thwart algorithm + censors. DC has been censored/defamed on the websites: Archinect, Facebook, GPCA, GPNV, GPUS, Nextdoor, Sacramento Press Club, and theBradBlog. Archinect deleted my user account. Nextdoor deleted my user account. The MarinIJ allows anon user accounts toContinue reading “Penalty flags + ctrl freaks + ‘bot filter settings. Update 5/6/2020”

Guggenheim Forensic

I visited the corpse of the Rem Koolhaas designed Guggenheim Hermitage Museum in Las Vegas over the (native american genocide) weekend. I was a senior professional for the executive architect TSA of Nevada (the Stubbins Associates) in 2001. The internal truss (fully clad, both sides in 1/2″ corten) was fully suspended from the underside ofContinue reading “Guggenheim Forensic”