Summer Design Studio 2022

David Curtis, principal at Pi-Des, leads a studio this Summer from Portland, OR.

An anticipated focus will be de-mountables.

Primitive Hut © 2022 Pi-Des
Primitive Hut © 2022 Pi-Des

David shares lessons learned from his 4 year development of Primitive Hut. There will be offshoots that focus on global just-in-time delivery system collapse responses, and 10-20 year pattern based projections that hope to best influence design practice decisions.

The studio will be remote collaboration, and some on site work, if needed.

The Pi-Des studio is based in NE Portland, OR in the Summer, and Desert Center, CA in the Winter.

Participating students may have introductory to advanced design experience, adequate sketching and or digital modeling ability. It is ok if you are a complete beginner, but you must be open to learning critical thinking, and design language.

David has 34 years of professional design experience, and is a graduate of the Knowlton School of Architecture. He has been in solo practice since 2007.

In addition to his architectural and product design work, he has run several art galleries, most notably a four year stint with the former artist-run Contemporary Arts Collective in the Arts Factory, downtown Las Vegas, NV. He also founded Apparatus studio on Commerce street, and the David S Curtis studio where he was a gallerist.

David was a senior professional for the Stubbins Associates on the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, and a Design Director for the design architect on the Nevada State Museum, Clark County, NV.

He taught Community Design at the Art Institute of Las Vegas, Residential Architecture at The Community College of Southern Nevada, and Architecture at The Meadows School. He has been a guest critic at Parsons School of Design, and at UNLV. He was a Gallery Educator for the Guggenheim Hermitage Museum.

For more information please contact David at Pi-Des studio, 971 331 9699 mobile, or email:

Walk Out

Pi-Des will walk out today in support of the students at Grant High School, Portland, OR, and all the students being subjected to threats of gun violence in a country that is failing to meaningfully address the problem.


Update: David Curtis notifies the app owners.

#Twitter #ConsumerFraud #Deplatforming #Censorship

David Curtis notified Twitter today that he plans to pursue federal charges against the company. He cited consumer fraud as the likely charge.

Twitter discriminates against multiple individuals, negatively impacting their online presence.

Twitter intentionally coerces and manipulates content by forcing people to remove and or alter content in order to enjoy service on their platform.

Twitter has a pattern of discriminatory actions against multiple individuals.

David Curtis has reached out to the US Attorney General and private attorneys.

updated: 5/24/2022

Direct action -> Twitter

X requests people on Twitter take direct action against the owners of Twitter due to the repeated de-platforming of people on the app.

Twitter is guilty of discriminatory targeting of anti-war activists, atheists, communists, political conservatives, and leftists.

Twitter’s moderation activities discriminate against several groups and attempt to manipulate and limit speech on the app.

Meanwhile the app forces people to have constant targeted advertising appear in the feed, which displaces and many times takes priority over the content people are trying to follow.

Twitter is a predatory data miner that is abusing its people.

Twitter is committing consumer fraud, manipulating speech, and harassing the people who use the app.

Twitter is violating our freedom of expression and punishing us for our associations.

X 5 21 2022

Primitive Hut + Triage Field

Update 8 5 2022: Screenshots from the Rhinoceros modeling of Primitive Hut a de-mountable dwelling system by Pi-Des. Pi-Des prepares for the first 3D mockups of system components, structural analysis, and fabrication detailing. Pi-Des hopes to have first runs of the system available for purchase soon. If you are interested in reserving a primitive hut, please email:

Rhinoceros model by David Curtis 2022, environment image from Blade Runner, 1982
Rhinoceros model by David Curtis 2022, environment image from Blade Runner, 1982

Twitter 1, 2, 3…

Update 5/28/2022: Twitter has restored access to @dc_us -X

5/26/2022 Update: Twitter is accusing the @dc_us account of promoting violence.

David Curtis told Twitter his attorney will be reaching out to Twitter.

Social media apps, where “moderation” is becoming intolerable.

It parasitically manipulates “users”, then the “users” burn the houses.

Untitled by Gonzo

Twitter lost 3 VPs this week and the CEO is a “dead man walking”.

If Elon completes his purchase of Twitter, perhaps he removes everybody.

Then perhaps Twitter can just be a dumb, neutral, Tweet board.

No extra data mining bullshit.

Twitter could be extremely valuable as a neutral posting board.

People need to be heard. Difficult communication needs a place to exist. If it is artificially de-platformed, due to political decisions or motives of control, the communication will escalate into difficult actions. We are seeing many examples of this escalation. The difficult communications need to be allowed to happen electronically so that they do not escalate into physical attacks.

Twitter nuked the account @dc_us this week. An account that has been in good standing since 2010.

Then Twitter nuked a backup account (redacted). DMs started appearing from “moderators” (some pretending to be sex workers and/or lonely bitcoin investors) I texted one of them suggesting the backup account was Ai. It (the backup account) featured a picture of my cat Archie.

Ai Archie was tweeting as a leftist Ai cat…and it got de-platformed…

Then Twitter nuked the backup, backup account.

An (unnamed) (redacted) is still there.

I have the resources to create multiple Ai Twitter accounts.

I have several new phones and several email addresses. I could make Twitter accounts all day long. That isn’t the point.

The content I write isn’t up to you. It isn’t up to moderators, ever.

-David Curtis, 2022

I think it (the latest de-platforming) was because I pointed out how the Adelson family should be deported. The Adelson family should be deported. Their allegiance is to Israel. The Adelson family donations to the GOP are directly responsible for the broken Supreme Court and the idiot spokes-models they installed in Congress. The Adelsons donated $100,000,000 to the GOP and GOP candidates in one election cycle. The Adelsons then received a $400,000,000 tax cut in return from their installed officials in Congress.

De-platforming people is the opposite of a social network.

De-platforming people is an anti-social network.

Moderators make political choices when then choose to de-platform people, and it is people, by the way, humans, not “users”.

We are people.

I choose to de-platform the United States.

It has demonstrated, repeatedly, that it is not a representative government. It seems to be a corpse that has parasitic entities using it for perpetual military business transactions. Fake religious activists have polluted the courts so badly that they are using the courts to punish and control women through “pro-life” posturing. These same parasites maintain global projection of militarism that routinely kills innocent people.

I choose to be anti-social. I learned it from Twitter.


I hope the people will join me in de-platforming the United States and the parasitic entities that are feeding off of its corpse.

© X 2022

Primitive Hut and Triage Field

Primitive Hut, Triage Field © Pi-Des 2022

According to the California fire service, 2018 was the deadliest and most destructive wild fire season on record, with just under 2 million acres burned, under 8000 wild fire incidents in the state alone, and approximately 100 fatalities recorded. 

On August fourth of 2018, a national disaster was declared in the northern part of the state: by November, strong dry winds aggravated existing fire conditions and CA erupted in a new batch of fires. 

What the 2018 wild fire season made obvious was that we need to adapt to these harsh conditions and respond when climate disasters displace people. 

In the midst of the wild fire destruction in 2018, David Curtis began conceptualizing Primitive Hut, a de-mountable system that can be transported out of the active fire area and reassembled as needed. It acts as a Triage Field that provides an area of refuge should one not have time to evacuate the site. Triage Field is an integral fire suppression device for emergency use. It has other technical capabilities that are currently classified.

© Ro1 2022 © Pi-Des 2022

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