Sometimes, as a poetic device, I copy bios and then replace their facts with what would be mine. Then I see what’s left and decide not to use it as a bio, again. 56 years, no bio.

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Report from Camp Ambition

Housing activists Robbie Powelson and Jason Sarris on site at Camp Ambition. The site is being occupied as a staging area for alternative housing.

Camp Ambition in Novato, CA
Novato Police taking a report of vandalism. A suspect was captured on surveillance video slashing activist’s tents.

Boycott Southwest Airlines

The US just posted the worst Covid-19 numbers of the pandemic so far.

Despite these numbers, Southwest Airlines has made the decision to start filling their planes to capacity. This decision by Southwest seems to be gross negligence. They should probably lose their license to operate if they do not reverse this decision.

David Curtis

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