Primitive Hut © Pi-Des 2022
EV charger and ADA upgrade Portland X © Pi-Des 2022
Wind Catcher © David Curtis 2020
Desert Concrete © David Curtis 2018
Fukushima Mediation work sequence Rev 10/27/2018 David Curtis
Transition for the City of Las Vegas, NV © David Curtis 2010 and 2019
Elephant ©2018 David Curtis 
3C4, a residential tower by David Curtis, for JMA.

Rhinoceros model © David Curtis 2018
Flight 93 Memorial © 2008 David Curtis and Desert Space Foundation

Flight 93 Memorial with Desert Space Foundation

Participants: Joshua Abbey, Desert Space Foundation, David Curtis dba Apparatus, Eddy Gilbert Herch, Jozef Ulbrik, Effie Bouras, Sherie Pierce, and Tom Umholtz.

Elephant © 2002 David Curtis
Digital modeling for the display structures for the Frank Gehry designed exhibit.
David was an associate of TSA of Nevada, the executive architect.

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