Do People Read the Pacific Sun? Update 12/19/2018

Or read in general? I see everyone staring at screens, but what are they looking at? Is social networking and looking at Youtube videos reading? Is anyone reading tweets at this point? Journalists were reading Trump tweets but that seems to have calmed down. I’m currently reading two books: All Our Relations by Winona Laduke,Continue reading “Do People Read the Pacific Sun? Update 12/19/2018”

Penalty flags + ctrl freaks + ‘bot filter settings. Update 5/6/2020

A dominant paradigm of “Judeo-Christian” norm supplanted on “natives”. A list poem describing DC’s attempts to thwart algorithm + censors. DC has been censored/defamed on the websites: Archinect, Facebook, GPCA, GPNV, GPUS, Nextdoor, Sacramento Press Club, and theBradBlog. Archinect deleted my user account. Nextdoor deleted my user account. The MarinIJ allows anon user accounts toContinue reading “Penalty flags + ctrl freaks + ‘bot filter settings. Update 5/6/2020”